Many businesses are looking for growth and business development opportunities and international trade is up there amongst the obvious initiatives that business leaders need to consider.

However, having considered the opportunity, many businesses also are unsure where and how to start the process.

The process may involve detailed market research to identify target markets and the market segments with the least barriers to entry and the greatest potential profit opportunity. It may also involve market visits to assess potential overseas partners as customers or suppliers. It may also involve ensuring products and services are legally compliant and meet other local criteria for health and safety for example on labelling or product handbooks and warranties.

All in all, this can be a time consuming and potentially daunting approach that also can turn out to be very costly if not approached in a systematic and logical manner.

Other businesses may already be  trading overseas with international partners within the English speaking world for example with North America, Australasia or Ireland and now want to move on to potential markets in Asia or Continental Europe but are nervous about the perceived language barriers.

This is where Don't Shout Louder! and associates can assist.

We can offer support in:

  • Overseas market research and market segment identification

  • Identifying potential distributors, suppliers, agents and customers

  • Vetting and qualifying market leads that you may have received

  • Identify legal, technical and other specifications that need to be met prior to a successful market entry

  • Assisting in market visits by setting up a programme of visits and  accompanying you, assisting with interpretation and translation where necessary

  • Getting you ready too attend international shows and exhibitions, assisting with the setting up of exhibition stands overseas and even helping you man the stand

  • Preparation of foreign language material such as presentations, business cards, sales and marketing literature, web page content

  • Assessing your readiness to start trading overseas and suggesting steps to make you more market ready

  • Bespoke legal services overseas including

    -Business Incorporation
    -Company Documents
    -Trade Mark Protection and Intellectual Property
    -Commercial Property law transactions
    -HR and Employment law Services 


International Business Development