Learning French

French ETC- a really interesting resource for all levels, but particularly useful for more advanced students looking for insight and information on French as currently spoken and used in France

Website- www.frenchetc.org/

Links for Language Development

These are all websites that I have used myself and can thoroughly recommend. However Don't Shout Louder! is not responsible for the content of these pages. I will add links that I feel are sufficiently detailed and of the highest quality and which I would be happy to use and share as and when I come across them. Please feel free to suggest any other links that you think might be useful and I will review and consider for inclusion on these pages.

Learning Other Languages

Arabic- a superbly rich and detailed source of vocabulary and idiom for learners of both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA)

Website -arabic.desert-sky.net/vocab.html



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Language Learning General

Benny Lewis' wonderful site and blog is an absolute treasure trove of information and opinion on learning foreign languages and all things related


Learning German

Paul Joyce German. Paul has produced an absolutely fabulously detailed course ideal for beginners and lower intermediates 

Website- www.pauljoycegerman.co.uk