Terms & Conditions-Private Tuition


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By agreeing to use our services, clients are automatically consenting to these Terms and Conditions.


All tuition will be carried out by competent tutors with the appropriate experience. Usually this means a fluent or native speaker of the language concerned. DSL reserves the right to substitute tutors of equal competence should the need arise.

Client Non-solicitation

Where DSL supplies an associate tutor to work with the client, the client may not under any circumstances organize or enter into a private arrangement with the associate tutor. Should DSL become aware of such an arrangement, the client should expect DSL to take formal action to prevent this happening again. The client will also be liable to DSL for the entire amount paid to the associate tutor.


Clients are expected to pay DSL at the end of lesson or beforehand. Payment should be cash or by bank transfer and private cheques will not be accepted Any credit arrangements are solely at the discretion of DSL and will be subject to agreement in writing before commencement of any tuition

Trial Lessons

DSL does not offer trial lessons on a free of charge basis. However, DSL will engage in a telephone call prior to the first lesson to fully understand needs and requirements and discuss appropriate arrangements.

Client Expectations

Although DSL and its associate tutors will always endeavor to deliver a first class service in line with the client brief, DSL makes no warranties or guarantees of subsequent performance by the client in exams or any other such similar measure of performance.

Cancellation policy

It sometimes becomes necessary for a client to cancel a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances. DSL understands this and will endeavor to re-schedule the lesson However, the client should notify DSL if they wish to cancel an agreed lesson time Unless agreed upon by DSL, a 48 hour cancellation policy applies whereby the client will pay DSL the full cost of a minimum 1 hour lesson if the lesson is cancelled with 48 hours or less notice to DSL.


No liability is accepted by DSL for any claims made by the client that relates to any tutoring activity carried out by DSL or a DSL associate tutor.

Data Protection Act

The information gathered from clients by DSL is solely used by DSLfor the services that it provides. This information will not be disclosed to any third parties without the express written permission of the client.


All client information supplied to DSL will be treated in the strictest of confidence


Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice except where DSL has agreed a fixed price with a client for an agreed period. All price quotes supplied by DSL in writing to a potential client will be valid for a period of 14 days from the date of the quote.

Teaching Materials

The cost of teaching materials, primarily textbooks is to be borne by the client