Colin is the founder and principal tutor of Don't Shout Louder!

He is an experienced and passionate linguist with a background in senior business management for international organisations such as Crown Wallcoverings, Coloroll Home Furnishings and Glen Dimplex.

Colin has also had a senior management role leading the UK Trade and Investment team for Greater Merseyside assisting businesses either start exporting or further developing their export sales.

In the course of those roles, Colin has spent significant amounts of time working and/or living in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Latin America.

Colin is a fluent speaker of German and French and also speaks a number of other languages at varying levels including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese 

Colin Gardner

The Team


Colin has had the pleasure and good fortune to work with a great number of outstanding linguists, and teachers throughout his career, both native English speakers with a huge passion and capability in speaking a wide variety of languages at a very high level and of course native speakers. His native speaker associates include talented people from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Poland, Kazakhstan, China and The Middle East 

He will be drawing on this network of outstanding individuals where necessary to provide tuition, translation and interpreting services for Don't Shout Louder!

In addition to linguistic services, Don't Shout Louder! also has an associate relationship with a very experienced and highly qualified local provider of overseas legal services including lobbying and advocacy plus strategic marketing and communications.